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Closing Digital Divide. 

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COVID-19 Distance Learning Support Program

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About Tech Access

Tech Access is a non profit organization

formed by Silicon Valley Coders and Engineers

To Educate the Youth in STEM

Focused on Under-Served Communities.

Our Mission is to close

‘Digital Divide’ and ‘Digital Inequality’’

Between Geographical Areas

To Ensure

Equal Technological Opportunities

for All.

With COVID-19 threatening Distance Learning opportunities

to some families, our goal is to ensure internet access 

to all students in the U.S.

Recent Activities

Kids Friendly Coding

Basic Block Programming

since 2019

online classes coming soon

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Clubs & Competitions

Since 2019

online classes

coming soon

Science Never Been This Fun

STEM Education

classes canceled

due to 


Engineering Competition

Online Submission


COVID-19 Distance Learning

      Support Program

Ensuring Internet Accessibility           for all students

April 2020

Traveling Tech Van

Tech Class on Wheels

Coming  Soon

Closing Digital Divide.

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